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1. Water Governance in the Saskatchewan River Basin: A Preliminary Study  Abstract
  Brittany T Morgan, Robert J Patrick and Marie-Ann Bowden

2. Drivers of Innovation in Rural Tourism: the Role of Good Governance and Engaged Entrepreneurs  Abstract
  Marion Joppe, Ed Brooker and Kimberly Thomas

3. Exploring the Purchasing Experience of Cross-Cultural Consumers in Northern Remote, Rural Communities: Thompson, Manitoba  Abstract
  Jaime Cidro, Mark Matiasek, Tyler Craig, Manveer Dhillon and Lynelle Zahayko

4. Perceptions of Institutions and Development in Rural Costa Rica  Abstract
  Sergio A Molina Murillo and Jesse TS Clifton

5. Re-Assessing Rural Conflict: Rituals, Symbols and Commemorations in the Moyle District, Northern Ireland  Abstract
  Katherine Side

6. Sport, Health, and Rural Community: Curling and Rural Women: A National Photovoice Study  Abstract
  Beverly D Leipert, Lynn Scruby and Donna Meagher-Stewart

7. Alberta's Priority Rural Policy Research Questions  Abstract
  Lars K Hallstrom, Naomi Finseth, Patricia Macklin, John Parkins, Karsten Mundel, Paul Watson, Murray A Rudd, David Baugh, Joel Gervais and Devin Keay

8. Supportive communities and a sense of belonging in rural and non-rural communities in Canada  Abstract
  E Dianne Looker

9. Building Capacity: The Role of Rural Traditional Media and the New Rural Economy  Abstract
  Anna Woodrow and Bill Reimer

10. Wealth Creation and the Normative Structures Framework  Abstract
  Thomas G Johnson

11. Recognizing Change, Recognizing Rural: The New Rural Economy and Towards a New Model of Rural Service  Abstract
  Lana Sullivan, Laura Ryser and Greg Halseth

 case studies  
 Food Clusters, Rural Development and Creative Economy  Abstract
  Anne Lee and Geoffrey Wall

 Bridging Policy and Practice for Livelihood Resilience in Rural Africa: Lessons from the Mid-Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe  Abstract
  Admire Mutsa Nyamwanza

 Diversity in Rural Communities: Palliative Care for the Low German Mennonites  Abstract
  HaiYan Fan and Judith Kulig

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