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Rural Geography - Rural Development

 Rural Geography – Rural Development: An Examination of Agriculture, Policy and Planning, and Community in Rural Areas  PDF
  Doug Ramsey, Jesse Abrams, Jill K Clark and Nick J Evans

1. Risk and Plant Disease Management: Supply Chain Perspectives in the UK Wheat Sector  Abstract
  Brian Ilbery, Damian Maye, Julie Ingram and Ruth Little

2. The Relational Geography of Peri-urban Farmer Adaptation  Abstract
  Jill K. Clark and Darla K Munroe

3. Policy Persistence and Cultural Resistance: The (Re-) Development of Horticulture In the Vale of Evesham  Abstract
  Nick J Evans

4. Assessing Farmer Confidence in Badger Vaccination: Some Findings from a Survey of Cattle Farmers in England  Abstract
  Damian Maye, Gareth Enticott, Brian Ilbery, Rhiannon Fisher and James Kirwan

5. Imagining the Spatial Future of Australian Agriculture  Abstract
  Anthony Sorensen

6. The Husbandry of Technology: Farm Families' Cultivation of Technological Knowledge under 'Neo-Productivist' Conditions  Abstract
  Clare Perkins

7. New Farms and Farmers in Ethno-cultural Communities: Aspirations, Barriers and Needs  Abstract
  John Smithers and Sridharan Sethuratnam

8. Regions Engaging Globalization: A Typology of Regional Responses in Rural Europe  Abstract
  Micheal Woods

9. Sustainable Development or Integrated Rural Tourism? Considering the Overlap in Rural Development Strategies  Abstract
  Holly Barcus

10. Reflexive Gentrification of Working Lands in the American West: Contesting the ‘Middle Landscape’  Abstract
  Jesse Abrams, John Bliss and Hannah Gosnell

11. Entrenched Instability: The Community Implications of Flexibility in British Columbia’s Northern Interior  Abstract
  Alex Martin

12. Indigenous Rural Renewal in the Inland Pacific Northwest: The Emergence of American Indian Tribes in Regional Economic Development  Abstract
  Dick G Winchell

13. Lottery and Landscape: Rural Development through Re-Creation of Historic Landscapes Examples from the English West Midlands  Abstract
  Guy Robinson

14. Reclaiming the ‘Public’ Lands: Community Conflict and Rural Gentrification  Abstract
  Darren P Smith

15. Balancing Communities, Economies, and the Environment in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem  Abstract
  Ryan Bergstrom and Lisa M.B. Harrington

16. Rural Communities in Transition and Sustainable Regional Development  Abstract
  Fiona Haslam McKenzie, Aileen Hoath, Amma Buckley, Lindsay Greer and John Rolfe

17. Satisfaction with Life along the Rural-Urban Continuum: Key Indicators in the Halifax Region of Canada  Abstract
  Hugh Millward

18. Return Migration and Belonging in Rural Ireland: Methodological Considerations  Abstract
  Christina Noble

19. ‘New’ Migrants in the British Countryside  Abstract
  David Storey

20. Retirement Transition Migration: Implications for Rural Development  Abstract
  Aileen Stockdale, Lorna Philip and Marsaili MacLeod

21. Embeddedness, Marketness, and Economic Instrumentalism in the Oklahoma Farm-to-School Program  Abstract
  Gina K Thornburg

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